The Roo Apron Review and Giveaway!

It’s no secret that the Handyman and I hate to spend money on something we can make ourselves, repurpose, or do without. However, he and I also believe that if you have to buy something, do your research and buy the very best. If there’s anything that drives me battier than spending money, it’s spending money on something that will end up in a landfill in a season or two. So, one of my goals is to find the best of the best when it comes to those items that you just can’t make or do without.

I’m happy to say that I’ve found my very first favorite gardening product: The Roo Apron!



This apron is clearly functional, which I definitely appreciate, but it has the added advantage of being incredibly adorable too. Don’t get me wrong, being ugly is not a deal breaker for me. I have spent hours in my perennial garden in my baggy men’s overalls from Tractor Supply Co. They get the job done. But sometimes I just want to spend 15 minutes weeding while the baby is happy or while the weather is especially nice, without having to change my whole outfit. Frankly, I’m more likely to go outside and weed if I can just pop out the back door. I just want to pull a few things out when the urge strikes me, without having to plan ahead. I will easily weed 5-6 times a day for 15 minutes at a time, but I rarely have an hour and a half to spend in one clip. So the obvious answer is to throw on an apron and walk out the door.

When we first bought our farmhouse I ordered an apron from Etsy. It was made out old jeans, and it looked durable and was even kind of cute. It was also incredibly uncomfortable to have tied around the back of my neck, and there was only one medium pocket that was apparently meant to be less functional and more decorative. It has since become my chicken apron, as it’s really not comfortable to wear for much longer than it takes to clean the coop.

No, I decided what I really need is a lightweight, durable apron that is comfortable, and has a couple small pockets for tools as well as a big pocket or two for the garden harvest or big pile of weeds. I’m guilty of one obnoxious weeding habit, and that is that I pull the weeds and make nice tidy piles (usually in the garden path) and then walk away and forget about them. It has gotten to the point where my garden path isn’t flat anymore because a few piles remained there long enough to turn back into soil and create lumps! Another thing I’m guilty of is laying my gardening snips down while I’m working and then forgetting where I put them. I used to put them into my apron pocket, but the pocket was just too big and they inevitably rotated around in there so I would stab myself with the sharp end when I went to reach in for them. That’s no fun.

So, I started looking for something that would help me break those bad habits. It didn’t take long before I stumbled upon the Roo Apron, and right away it looked like it had all the features that I was after. Even more, I love that the Roo is made by a small business that is operated by a woman. It takes a lot of the sting out of spending money when I know it’s going to support a business like that. So I chose the “peony” color and the lovely owner, Tamara, sent me one to try.

Right off the bat I can tell I’m going to love wearing this apron because of the comfortable back straps. For anyone who spends a lot of time wearing an apron, you know how uncomfortable that tie on the back of your neck can get over time, especially when you have a full apron pocket pulling the whole thing down. The Roo uses a criss-cross strap that distributes the weight across your back, and has an adjustable clip. Nothing to tie! Ever!

In case anyone is wondering, if you ask your husband to take pictures of you in your new apron you will wind up with more close up pictures of your butt than anyone should ever have.

Another feature that I love is the length. I have long legs and a tiny torso, so a lot of things that are intended to fall mid-thigh on a normal person just land on the widest part of my hips instead, which is super unflattering. I know it’s just a garden apron, but when you’ve had five babies you get a little self-conscious about your hips and definitely don’t want anything drawing attention to them. And this apron is long enough that I feel comfortable in it.


Ok, now let’s talk pockets. The Roo is designed as a harvesting apron, which means it has one extra large pocket at the base that has openings on the top and bottom. You fold the bottom up and attach it to the hooks at the top, fill it with your vegetable harvest, and then release the strings to let it out the bottom. The clips are easy to release with one hand, and you can adjust the depth of the pocket by tying knots at different locations along the cotton strings. Small enough to hold a few eggs, or large enough to hold 23 pounds of giggles and chubby rolls. It also has sturdy smaller pockets on the top half that are perfect for storing hand tools so they don’t become booby traps.

I’ve mentioned before that comfort is a big concern of mine. If it isn’t fun to do, chances are I won’t do it. With five kids I have a very limited amount of time to myself, and I’m not going to waste it being uncomfortable. This apron is fun to wear because it’s a gorgeous color, it doesn’t hurt my neck, and it holds all my tools exactly where I want them. If pink isn’t your thing, it comes in several other colors as well.

Another thing I think is completely annoying when I’m gardening is how every time I bend over I have to fix my pants when I stand back up. Last year I even got poison ivy on my waist because of it! Then a dear friend of mine, Jackie, gave me my first pair of LuLaRoe leggings, and I’ve been hooked ever since! You know what never has to be tugged on or adjusted no matter how many times you bend over or squat down? Leggings! And they come in so many adorable colors and a range of sizes. Even my wee one, who is just 14 months old, is wearing LuLaRoe leggings. If something is comfortable AND cute I’m pretty much sold. I am just loving this spring floral pair. It’s not a coincidence that they match my apron. If anyone wants to check them out, you can find Jackie here, where she will take great care of you.




Ok, so now for the best part! YOU can win an awesome Roo Apron! I love this thing so much that I want to share the love. There are three ways to enter; do one, two, or all three! Go to the Roo Apron online shop (found here) and then tell me in a comment what color you love! If you have Facebook, you can get another chance to win by sharing this giveaway post with your friends. Find my Facebook page here or click the Facebook link on this page. If you share directly, make sure to mention it in the comments so I can be sure you get another entry in the drawing. Finally, subscribe to the blog and you’ll be entered in the drawing again! That’s THREE chances to win! I will choose a winner on April 30, so there should be plenty of time for Mother’s Day delivery. Good luck!


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  1. Purple Orchid 😀 And shared on facebook ❤ I LOVED all your beautiful pictures and I love your blog so much, you write as if we were chatting over coffee together, which I wish we could do!


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